4VET - ChondroArt Forte 800g

4VET - ChondroArt Forte 800g

4VET - ChondroArt Forte 800g

Nutritional supplement for the protection and regeneration of the locomotor system in dogs.

- helps restore and protect joints.

- provides support to the entire movement system

- accelerates regeneration after injuries and surgeries of ligaments, joints and muscles.

- has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect

- strengthens joint structures

- regulates the secretion of synovial fluid

Nutritional supplement for dogs in powder form, which supports the functioning of joint structures, relieves joint pain, improves mobility and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It performs perfectly as additional support during recovery from injuries and operations of ligaments, joints and muscles, support for dogs with problems with the locomotor system and older dogs.

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Composition per 100 g of product: methylsulfonylmethane MSM 26,000 mg, collagen PEPTAN® 16,000 mg, vitamin C 14,000 mg, glucosamine sulfate (from marine shellfish) 12,000 mg, devil's claw 10,000 mg, chondroitin sulfate (from shark cartilage) 8,000 mg, sodium ascorbate (natural vitamin C 95% pure) 6,000 mg, Omega-3 fatty acids (from sardines) 5,000 mg, natural aroma (beef and pork liver extract) 3,000 mg.

Analytical composition: protein 24.2%, crude fiber 3%, ash 4.5%, fat 2%, moisture 26.7%.

Instructions for use: enclosed scoop = 8 g of powder. Mix the recommended daily amount into food.

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